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Loadoo Review: Make Your Cryptocurrency Funds Functional

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Loadoo ☆☆☆☆☆ 0
5 1
Company NameLoadoo
Interaction Linux iOS MacOS Windows Google Play Hardware Web Chrome Extension Windows Phone
Supported Coins Bitcoin (BTC) Dash (DASH) Ethereum (ETH) Litecoin (LTC) Ripple (XRP)


  • No ID verification for purchases under $1,000
  • Transparent with fees
  • Free worldwide delivery for the card
  • Virtual cards available
  • Bitcoin card load fee 1%
  • Good customer service and support


  • Virtual card is $7
  • PayPal loads 5%

Cryptocurrency gets more attention and more value. And it is no joke. This is the future we all are witnessing right now. And while you are thinking where to start cloud mining your wealth, you need already to think about solutions for its safety and proper holding. For this purpose, there are various services of e-wallets and exchange platforms.

You should know that your cryptocurrency funds’ security depends totally on the wallet you are keeping it in. In this fair Loadoo review, we are going to talk about one of the most popular and effective wallets on the market these days. Loadoo has various features such as a prepaid debit card, for example. It is a great tool with a high level of security for you to use your cryptocurrency in those places that don’t accept digital money. This company is another major step for Bitcoins into the mainstream and global influence. If you want to make your money relevant, you need to get this wallet and card for sure.

Basic Services

So, what Loadoo really is? It is a wallet for Bitcoins with a debit account and card option available for all types of users from all over the world. This service makes your Bitcoins valuable in a real world that is still not always adapted for cryptocurrency payments. It allows users to move their cryptocurrency funds from and to other accounts.

You can use a special Loadoo promo code to create a virtual and physical debit card and use it in different parts of the world to buy goods and accept payments. The company was founded in Great Britain in 2016. It is totally legit and has permission to work with customers’ data.

You can use your Loadoo code and create an account with a debit card related to it. It works just like any other typical bank account and has a physical copy in shape of a plastic card. By the way, Loadoo is totally compatible with PayPal. You can use an ordinary ATM to get your cash drawn. This is a perfect solution for those people who don’t want regular banks to charge their huge fees and just delay the simplest operations.

The security quality of Loadoo cards is astonishing. The verification process is simple but strong enough to guarantee total safety of your cryptocurrency funds. You as one and only legitimate owner of the account and its card can be sure that no one except you will get access to your money. The strategies that keep your card safe are of the highest quality.

Loadoo Discount Code

The loadoo coupon code is something that users always are interested in. As any other company, Loadoo always tries to encourage users to become their clients. From time to time you can find a Loadoo discount code to make your fees even lower than the usual ones. Usually, it happens on some big holidays such as New Year, Black Friday, or Independence Day.

Besides a Loadoo redeem code, you as a customer can count on a special referral program. The company always encourages their clients to find and bring new users to the service. Of course, you will get a reward for each new customer that came to the company with your referral link:

  • 5% of Bitcoin loading
  • 20% for each card purchase
  • 5% for third-party loading


The entire functionality of Loadoo is great. You can easily transfer cryptocurrency with no fear and delays. Besides that, navigation works very well even when the website is loaded with customers. The company sets all the exchange rates and fixates them so you can avoid any problems with those payments that are already active.

It is a very important option for prepaid cards. All the accounts can be launched for free with no additional fees. Your account is also free while the price for the plastic card is very reasonable and doesn’t differ much from standard bank cards. The entire impression of the service is all about reliability and reasonable spending. This makes Loadoo one of the best cards in the industry and financial world in general.

You can also add your PayPal account to the game and control t with high effectiveness. The monthly fee for this action is very reasonable. And of course, you can easily manage and control your account online just getting a proper Wi-Fi signal.


Overall Loadoo testimonials are quite positive. People have too many services to choose from, but there is no lack of customers for Loadoo. You can easily become one of them with just a few clicks of your mouse. To get more details about creating an account and a debit card feel free to visit Loadoo official website and contact its support team.

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