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NiceHash Review: Fast Exchange and Profitable Mining

Overall Rating
NiceHash ☆☆☆☆☆ 0
5 1
Company NameNiceHash
Type Trader/Exchanger
Year Since2014
GEO LocationSlovenia
Margin TradingNo
Deposit FeesFrom 0 BTC to 0.0002 BTC
Trading Fees2%-5%
Withdrawal FeesFrom 0 to 0.2%
Supported Coins Bitcoin (BTC)


  • Easy for beginners
  • Multi algorithm
  • Less risky


  • Middleman doubts
  • Not profitable enough

For already three years NiceHash has been a major figure in the cryptocurrency mining and exchanging business. The marketplace this company offers is huge. Users with various levels of experience are willing to get their NiceHash promo code. You can buy or sell hash power on this platform fast and easy. You can rent a hash power to mine cryptocurrency and then exchange it right at the same place with no need to use other services. This NiceHash review is a comprehensive way to tell you more about one of the largest cryptocurrency marketplaces ever. We will tell you about all the deal details as well as usability and features descriptions.

About The Company

The company was launched in 2014 and since then doesn’t stop increasing its influence and power in the world of cryptocurrency mining and exchange. It offers a great variety of services for all types of cryptocurrency users such as investors, miners, traders, and others. These days it is one of the largest marketplaces in the industry.

The selection of its services is huge, and there are not many competitors. Besides that, you can always count on special NiceHash coupon code. And the number of all algorithms available for cloud mining is the biggest on the market. There are 23 cryptocurrencies available for NiceHash customers.

The number of orders performed by the company is already more than 3 million. That is why NiceHash has gained the trust of thousands of users from all over the world.

How It Works

The main advantage of NiceHash is about its ability to create and support both sellers and buyers. It is a perfect all-in-one solution for different types of customers no matter what level of cryptocurrency experience they have. While you are cloud mining your Bitcoins, you can exchange them or deposit right there on the same platform. It is extremely important and comfortable.

Just after the registration of your account, you can start mining your cryptocurrency. To get signed up you need to fill in your email and password. Then you need to deposit with at least 0.01 BTC in your personal wallet. At this stage, you can also apply your NiceHash discount code if you have one.

You are free to choose any cryptocurrency type to cloud mine. As we have mentioned before, there are 23 three of them available. Then you can also choose a pool for mining. All these details make NiceHash a very flexible and easy-to-use platform for everybody. You don’t have to pay any extra fees or subscribe to some annoying lists. The withdrawals also are very smooth and flexible even without any special NiceHash redeem code.

Main Features

As we said before, NiceHash is not your typical cloud mining partner but is a huge machine for everything cryptocurrency. You don’t need even to sign any contracts with the company. Just set the limit for coins you want to be mined and then choose the correct pool. That is it. All the pools analysis options are available right there on the website. If you have any NiceHash code to use, you are always welcome to do it with no complicated requirements or tricks.

Besides that, there are just no limits for hashrate for you to buy. You can purchase as much as you want. You can set the price to fit your budget and make a whole lot of other things that make NiceHash a nice platform to deal with.

NiceHash Discount Code, Plans, and Pricing

There are no fixed prices and typical contracts as we know other websites have. NiceHash works with its own system, and it makes the service something unique for sure. You just need to reckon with some minimal and maximum hash power rates. While minimal prices may change fast and often, the maximum ones are usually stable and fixed.

There are just two main bidding offers to purchase hashrates:

  • Standard – you can set the lowest price possible to get a certain hash power
  • Fixed – you can fix the amount of money you pay for your order and get a certain hashrate speed guaranteed. It sets for the entire order’s duration. These orders are more expensive.

Please note, that NiceHash accepts payments in Bitcoins only and there are no hidden fees.

Bottom Line

NiceHash testimonials are in general very positive. And it is not a surprise at all. The company since its day one tries to be the best mining and exchange service possible. The number of opportunities available with this service is huge, and it is hard not to appreciate it. While working with NiceHash, you feel yourself as the part of something big and influential as the entire cryptocurrency industry us at the moment.

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