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What is Dash?

Market Capitalization$2800637743
Year Since2014
Circulating Supply7973028

Dash is one of the most promising alternatives to famous cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. It is a revolutionary money system, which is nothing like a traditional currency (e.g., Euro, dollar, etc.) The developers of the network claim that every participant has a right to vote and offer new projects. Dash invests in own growth and adoption.

The network has achieved the mark of 4,100 masternodes because if the effective incentivization. Founded in 2014, it is already called one of the biggest peer-to-peer networks ever created. The higher number of nodes means the higher level of security. It is possible to access Dash wallet from any part of the world 24/7.

Dash is not more of a development platform like Ethereum. The cryptocurrency tends to be as liquid as the real money. Bitcoin’s core code is the basic building element of Dash, but the transaction fee is negligible.

Dash Value and Capitalization

It is important to know the Dash value before investing in it. It is created to possess a total supply of 18,000,000 coins.

Currently, the supply is 7.4 million. The maximum level of coins is expected to be achieved in 2300. A variable block reward drops at a 7.1% rate annually, so you’d better hurry up if you want to make more money with the help of this particular cryptocurrency. The average mining time is two and a half minutes on its native blockchain. Thus, it is 4 times speedier than Bitcoin.

You should also mind Dash stock and market cap before purchasing it. Dash price today is worth $204. We can conclude that the market capitalization of this cryptocurrency is $1.5 billion. It makes Dash number six among the top valuable cryptocurrencies.

Look at the Dash price history to make a decision when it is best to purchase its coins. Do not do that when the currency achieves the peak or, vice versa drops significantly.

Blockchain’s Definition

Before moving to the question of Dash mining, it is important to consider another professional term. Its main foundation is blockchain. A blockchain is a decentralized ledger of the entire list of transactions that took place since the cryptocurrency’s introduction. It is safe thanks to the special consensus mechanism. It is known as a Proof of Work (PoW). Individuals involved in the dash trading apply computers to find solutions to the complex math problems. The process is called mining. In case a person comes up with a correct answer, he/she obtains a right to join another block to the existing blockchain. After the confirmation of the correct solution, a new block appears. At the same time, the Dash miner obtains the corresponding cryptocurrency.

Purchasing Dash

To buy Dash, exchange this cryptocurrency at a platform like Changelly. It is a stable exchange where people exchange different cryptocurrencies, including Dash. If you want to buy Dash, make sure you have:

  1. Dash address to obtain your Dash.
  2. Any available, compatible cryptocurrency to exchange for Dash (e.g., bitcoins or litecoins).

The next thing to discuss is the list of available exchanges where you can start.

  • Bitfinex – Dash to USD supported (it has a mobile application)
  • HitBTC – Famous one
  • Changelly – One of the quickest ways
  • io – Pay with your credit or debit card here
  • Coinpult – Online exchange that supports USD, GBP, and EUR.
  • Livecoin – This one supports wire transfer like SWIFT.
  • Kraken – EUR/USD exchange.

After purchasing the target coins, it is necessary to decide on the wallet to store them.

Start Mining Today – Dash Wallets

Once you decide to take part in Dash cloud mining, a person should decide on the wallet to keep his money. The least popular option is, perhaps, storing Dash in a paper wallet. Such wallet has the private key and the public key of Dash. On the other hand, it is the cheapest type of storage.

How to mine Dash? That is a logical question in case you are interested in enlarging your funds. ASIC minder hardware is the recent, recommended option. The full name is an Application Specific Integrated Circuits. They were created to offer solutions to the PoW issues in the most effective way. You may choose one of the following alternatives of ASIC:

  • Pinidea X11 Miner DR-1
  • Pinidea X11 USB DU-1
  • iBeLink DM384M X11
  • X11 Baikal Mini Miner
  • Baikal A900 X11

The older methods include guides like CPU and GPU. Experts do not recommend them as they are not cost-effective. The process, however, is very easy and each individual will receive the examples to come up with the quickest hash rate for the CPU. More optimized miners still are available. Try to follow the given mining websites to catch up on the most recent options.

  • CPU Mining
  • AMD GPU on Windows

Features That Make Dash Unique

  1. Private send – It is possible to submit the money privately by combining it in between other transactions. It makes it more difficult to define any particular transaction. A privacy feature is optional and has its limitations.
  2. Masternodes – Those are special privilege nodes available in case a participant has 1000 Dash as collateral.
  3. Instant send – It allows sending Dash transactions instantly. Masternodes, however, charge higher fees for that.