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Detailed Nuvoo Review with Pros and Cons

Overall Rating
NuVoo ☆☆☆☆☆ 0
5 1
Company NameNuVoo
Year Since2017
Fraud RiskMedium
Hash AlgorithmSHA-256, Scrypt, ETHASH, EQUIHASH, X11


  • High security panel
  • Remote management
  • Physical security
  • Redundant power sources


  • High prices
  • Multiple cloud mining providers belongs to the same company

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Today cryptocurrency can be already considered as a source of a constant and reliable income. That is why there are so many cloud mining companies around these days. But are you sure they all are legit? Are you sure your money is in safe, and payouts will be scheduled properly? The best way to be sure that everything is alright and your cryptocurrency experience are going to be positive is to find a reliable cloud mining service.

This is a fair NuVoo review with all the aspects you should know about the company and its place on the market. We will tell you more about its pros and cons as well as NuVoo redeem code and other promo stuff. Of course, you can find all the important info on the official website. But let us speak for ourselves and our own impressions of this company.

About NuVoo

The best way to learn more about any service is to visit its official website. Like most of the cloud mining companies, NuVoo was created by cryptocurrency enthusiasts a few years ago. The main goal of the service is to provide various types of customers with high-quality and effective cloud mining services for a reasonable price.

And we should say they deal with this at their best. There are really some affordable prices. Besides that, company reps always try to listen to their customers and make the entire system work better for them. The project is led by cryptocurrency experts from Canada. The main office is also located in Quebec, Canada. That is why there is a French-speaking technical support available for NuVoo clients. This is a really unique feature available 24/7. Besides, you can always count on some NuVoo coupon code.

In general, it is an easy and affordable step into the cloud mining and cryptocurrency world in general. It would be a perfect company to start with, especially if you are new to the world of crypto mining. At the same time, it is a great choice for experts with already great mining experience too.

NuVoo Discount Code and Key Features

Of course, you can try to catch a NuVoo discount code, but there are already great solutions offered for a reasonable price. You can try one of those contracts at the lowest level of entry price. By the way, there are three main cryptocurrency types NuVoo is working with constantly:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum

Each of these pools has eight main contracts. It is a really unique number of contracts offered by a company on the market. So it goes like:

  • Starter
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Royal

If you don’t have any NuVoo promo code, the pricing will be the lowest for Litecoin and highest for Ethereum. The contract can be purchased for two years only.

The data center of NuVoo is located in the tundra, so the heat is not a problem for this company at all. That is why they don’t charge any additional fees for overheating.

Positive and Negative Features

  • Here are few other main advantages and features of the company:
  • The mining starts immediately after contract purchase
  • User-friendly interface
  • Great security features for your account
  • You can control the mining farm with a special webcam with 24/7 access
  • Low electricity costs
  • Great number of contracts
  • French-speaking support department

Speaking of some negative:

  • There is some lack of info about the company founders
  • Only three cryptocurrency types available for mining
  • No blog for customers

At the same time, even without any special discount NuVoo code, you can count on a really affordable and reasonable price to start with. So, if you are still afraid to lose your money because of some unpredictable issues, you can try a Starter contract for the first few payouts. Then you can reinvest your income to get higher hashrate or just buy a new contract with better potential for your profit.


Due to various NuVoo testimonials, we should say that the company has more positive than negative sides and the entire impression is really good. It is easy to use. All the processes are clear and transparent. The contract web is more than just flexible. Actually, it is the widest contract offer we have seen for a long time.

The security level of your account and wallet is more than perfect. You can also save some money due to the location of the company. As the main farm is located in freezing tundra, there are no problems with overheating. This gives them an opportunity to reduce the price as they don’t need any extra cooling system components at all. It is just a perfect place to mine cryptocurrency 24/7 and payout with no delays.

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