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MinerJet Review: True and Reliable Cloud Mining Service

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MinerJet ☆☆☆☆☆ 0
5 1
Company NameMinerJet
Year Since2018
Fraud RiskMedium
Hash AlgorithmSHA-256, Scrypt, ETHASH, EQUIHASH, X11


  • Daily payments
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Affiliate program
  • Rapid and Automatic payments


  • New company
  • Small amount of information about the service

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It is not a secret that Bitcoins are all over the world and the modern market has to deal with. While the global market still decides how to behave and to control all cryptocurrencies, people start realizing that this is the real deal. No more transaction fees and third persons between you and your partner or customer. The only thing you should deal with is its earning.

To earn cryptocurrency today, you don’t need to build any mining farms at your place. No more power consuming computers and noisy fans. All you need to do is just to get yourself a cloud mining contract. There are lots of various companies out there with their own mining farms all over the world. These databases are full of high-tech mega powerful computers that mine cryptocurrency and send it to service’s customers. Yes, that simple.

And today we are going to review a new cloud mining company called MinerJet. In this fair MinerJet review we are going to talk about its advantages, key features, contracts, and MinerJet promo code.

MinerJet and Bitcoins

First of all, you should know that MinerJet is dealing with Bitcoins only. So, if you are looking for other cryptocurrency pools, this website is going to disappoint you. But, if you are looking for a modern, reliable cloud mining community, please, don’t hurry up with your conclusions.

The best way to learn more about the company of any type and any field is to visit its website. MinerJet has a pretty nice page with everything in its right place. It was found in 2017, but its founders state that they personally are mining Bitcoins since 2015. The guys are calling themselves pre-miners.

The main goal of this company of cryptocurrency enthusiasts is to mine Bitcoins themselves and let other people get their profit as well. So, there is nothing suspicious here and no hidden motives. You are just joining forces with other people to get rich and spread the advantage of cryptocurrency all over the world.

Besides some really reasonable prices, the company also offers a MinerJet coupon code. But we will speak about it a little bit later.

At this time the company has already six mining farms in different locations all over the world. It is an impressive number due to the fact that the company itself was launched only a year ago. Also, another great fact about MinerJet is that 2 of those 6 data centers are already working on green energy. Pretty great fact. And we should say that this is the latest trend among cryptocurrency miners all over the world to turn their factories on green energy.

Where to Get MinerJet Promo Code

So, what is about the price? Well, MinerJet has a really tiny history as a company, but its developers know well how hard it is to start mining these days. That is why to engage as many people as possible, MinerJet has set really reasonable prices for all its contracts. Besides that, you can always count on MinerJet discount code on different periods of the year.

As we said before the company mines Bitcoins only. At least, for this time. There are few main contracts offered by MinerJet with different prices. MinerJet redeem code is valid for all of them.

The company also offers an automatic withdrawal system. As soon as a customer’s balance reaches to 0.005BTC, he can withdraw his income immediately.

In the nearest future, the company also plans to start Alt Coins mining as well. Also, each customer will get a full weekly report. A very useful feature, right?

Pros and Cons of MinerJet

Let’s get few main pros and cons down here. The positive points:

  • Immediate mining start after the company receives your payment
  • Weekly reports
  • Six worldwide located mining farms
  • Two farms are running on green energy
  • MinerJet code variations to save your money
  • User-friendly website
  • Easy to register and get reports
  • Great blog with news and tips about the cloud mining community

While negative points are:

  • Lack of official information about the company, its location, and founders
  • Alt Coins pools missing

Bottom Line

As you see, there are not too many negative moments in this story. But who knows what we can expect from the company after few years of its business, we’ll see. But now MinerJet testimonials are really impressing, and we all hope for better. Because, you know, it is always great for the community in general when a reliable and legit Bitcoin mining service appears on the market. To get more information about the company feels free to contact them via their official website or email.

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