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Fair and Complete CEX Review

Overall Rating
CEX ☆☆☆☆☆ 0
5 1
Company NameCEX
Type Trader/Exchanger
Year Since2013
GEO LocationLondon, United Kingdom
Social Contacts
FeaturesConvenient calculator; Affiliate program; API; Bitcoin price widget; Mobile app; Donations; Fill-or-Kill orders executed immediately
Margin TradingYes
Deposit FeesCryptocurrency deposits: 0%; USD/RUB/EUR/GBR: 0%-5% (depending on payment method)
Trading FeesYes (7% for the direct trading with the exchange)
Withdrawal FeesYes (varies depending on payment method)


  • Company provides refunds for customers dissatisfied with the services
  • Deals are made automatically and immediately
  • Live chat 24/7 with customer support
  • Multi-language website
  • Users can buy bitcoins with a credit card, SEPA or a wire transfer
  • High trading volume


  • High fees and “hidden charges”
  • Many currencies are not supported
  • Lots of bad reviews

The purpose of this CEX review is to find out if the company is safe and comfortable for selling and buying cryptocurrency. We will try to discover every detail you need to get clear about this service.

The CEX started as one of the biggest cloud mining farms and then evolved into great cryptocurrency exchange platform, especially comfortable for beginners. It perfectly fits the modern cryptocurrency market and demand of the constantly growing auditory. Sometimes it gets suspicious how an actually small platform without any huge budgets managed to become one of the largest players on the market. Well, it can happen if the professionals are in charge and everything is done with passion. So, what is CEX code for success?

About CEX

CEX was created in 2013 in Great Britain. It was a perfect time to start a cryptocurrency related company. It was a part of a large Bitcoin mining pool which had almost a half of Bitcoin hashing power under its control at that time.

CEX was launched as the exchange feature by two Ukrainian cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The exchange feature turned out to be extremely popular, especially for those who were mining cryptocurrency on a regular basis.

After just a year of its foundation, the number of regular CEX users reached over 200 000 people. That was another great punch for the company to grow and improve its positions. Since that time CEX started accepting deposits in such fiat currencies as euros, dollars, and rubles. Then the company announced that starts sales and purchase of cryptocurrency for its customers.

And the last step to success was canceling all cloud mining operations and services for better focus on exchange options.

Advantages of CEX

Besides its CEX coupon code which users love so much, there are lots of other advantages of this service. The range of features available for CEX clients is really great and wide. It is also a perfect fit for beginner clients. There are lots of various deposit features, trading pair, and security options.

It supports credit cards from a whole bunch of countries. Actually, the number of countries is much bigger than other competitors have. There are four main trading pairs:


All the transactions go really fast no matter if you have a CEX redeem code or not.

There is also a mobile application available.

Mobile Application

The mobile app is available both for iOS and Android. These are the most popular operating systems these days. You can do lots of various operations via this tool such as deposit cryptocurrency or set limits for orders.

Also, you can view balance and active transactions. Besides, all the changes in prices are available for your view. Cancelation and creation of orders are also available right from your mobile device.

Due to CEX testimonials, users like the app a lot. Of course, there is some negative feedback, but most clients are satisfied. We also think that the application is very handy and helps to make all cryptocurrency action even simpler and faster.

Weak Sides of CEX

Some people complain about the delays with cards verification. But there is a simple explanation for the situation. Those delays were happening because of high growth of new users, and the system was not able to deal with all the operations as fast as people expected.

Other clients also note unresponsive support. But operators then made a statement that due to high demand they were just not available to deal with all the requests.

But the main negative point is about the number of cryptocurrencies available for exchange. There are only seven cryptocurrencies available. At the same time, it is more than some of CEX competitors have.

Promo and CEX Discount Code

CEX promo code is a perfect thing to start working on this exchange platform. You can get it in various ways such as holidays or encouragement from the company itself. The index of its exchange market control is 0.78%, and it holds 15th place in the list of the most valuable exchange platforms.

There is also a special team that deals with all social media of the company. There are pages of CEX on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and others. All the links are available on the official website.

Bottom Line

All the actions and transactions are very clear here at CEX. You may find some of your pros and cons for the service, but in general, it is valid for sure. You can always count on a professional support team and on time performance. CEX is one of the fastest exchange platforms on the modern cryptocurrency market. You can count on a professional treatment even if you are just a beginner and know nothing about cryptocurrencies.

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