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Bitxfy Review: The Best Way to Exchange Bitcoins

Overall Rating
Bitxfy ☆☆☆☆☆ 0
5 1
Company NameBitxfy
Type Trader/Exchanger
Year Since2016
Margin TradingYes
Withdrawal Feesfrom 1% to 5%
Supported Coins Bitcoin (BTC)


  • Direct conversion
  • Storage of bitcoins on the device
  • Minimum fees
  • Generation of key data occurs on the device itself


  • Only East European currencies
  • The application needs a permanent connection to the Internet

While most of the people already know what cryptocurrency is and how it should be mined properly, the process of exchange is still under the big question mark. For these purposes, there are special cryptocurrency exchange platforms where you can easily turn your digital money into more physical ones.

In this article, we will talk about one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platforms based and founded in Eastern Europe. This Bitxfy review will tell you all the pros and cons of this company as well as its main features and even Bitxfy coupon code. So, let’s start with some simple facts about the company and its main advantages.

About Bitxfy

The Bitxfy company was created by a group of people with great experience in banking system and science. Distributed Lab is the laboratory responsible for various researches in the financial world. The main field for Bitxfy is Eastern Europe, mostly Ukraine and Russia. It is absolutely great for people from that region. The entire usability of the website and their app product is perfect. It is very important as there are lots of competitors on the market and each small detail matters a lot, especially these days when mobile applications are so important for our comfort and living.

At this moment the company dominates the market and is one of the leaders in its region for sure. Bitcoin exchanges are going very well with this service with no delays or fail. We all know that the volume of currency makes a great difference between buying and selling. The prices here are always valuable and will make your deal profitable in both cases. It is a great difference in comparison to other similar websites. And that is the reason why people are looking for the Bitxfy promo code and try to become a partner program member.

Bitxfy Discount Code and Main Features

So, how does it work? First of all, let’s make it clear what Bitxfy really is a mobile wallet where you can also exchange your Bitcoins to East European currencies. The app this service offers also allows you to put your exchanged cryptocurrency on credit cards or your personal bank account.

To buy a Bitcoin with the app, you will need to have a special credit card of one of the Ukrainian banks. But the main part of exchanging takes just seconds so you will not have to wait for hours or days to get your Bitcoins exchanged. This is what makes the service really valuable and absolutely great. The exchange rate is more than reasonable, and the company charges two or three percent of your sum. Of course, you don’t need any special Bitxfy redeem code for this operation.

At the same time, Bitxfy is a reliable cryptocurrency wallet you can use with no fear to lose your money. Its application is a perfect thing to use on a regular basis. There is a set of personal keys that let you use your wallet. Those keys are constantly held by your phone, so no one except you can enter your wallet. And when we say no one, we mean absolutely. Even the developers of the program can’t find out your keys.

Except for some great stuff like Bitxfy discount code, there are also many useful features. First of all, it is extremely easy to install Bitxfy on your mobile device. Just use Google Play to start the installation process. The wallet will always be acceptable with the Internet connection on. It will generate your personal and unique data just after the installation.

Pros and Cons

Let’s see what the positive features of Bitxfy are:

  • The website is super user-friendly with clear info and charts
  • The application also works as a wallet
  • Extremely fast exchange of Bitcoins
  • The installation process is very easy
  • The safety system is more than reliable
  • Great support
  • Bitxfy code for discounts
  • Reasonable exchanging fees

But there are also few low points we should note too:

  • The application does not work without the internet connection
  • You can exchange only two East European currencies
  • You can buy Bitcoins just with one single bank
  • Lack of language options on the website and app

Bottom Line

Many users from Eastern Europe choose Bitxfy for its reliability and user-friendly interface. Besides that, the speed of exchange also plays a great role in company’s popularity. Due to multiple Bitxfy testimonials, users didn’t notice any great fails or delays in the application. The wallet is something we also should mention as one of the best on the market, especially these days when everything got so mobile. So, if you are looking for something reliable and fast, Bitxfy is the best choice for sure.

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